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The nutritional status of our body depends on:

  • our food choices
  • the nutrient content of the food we eat
  • the ability of our individual bodies to assimilate nutrients
  • environmental influences which give rise to extra nutrients needs, or interfere with absorption and/or uptake of certain groups of nutrients.

The human body needs a certain level of nutrients for optimum health and there is a big gap in the nutritional status of most people today. Our processed fast-foods choices, the mineral depletion of the soil and plants, the affected ability of our body to assimilate nutrients (due to chemicals, pesticides, preservatives…). All this explains why diseases, previously seen only in the elderly, are now affecting younger people. The short term solution is to supplement the diets of people with nutrients which are as close as possible to those found in food.

“NUTRAVIE” is your partner in good health. We believe that nutritional therapy offers the potential to treat causes of illness and not just symptoms. We take your trust seriously and for that reason we provide effective products with health as the first priority. We choose among all the brand of supplements, the products the most natural and bio-effective available, guaranteeing the very best at affordable prices. “NUTRAVIE” cares to deliver premium quality products with the right potency and supported by valid scientific research.